Farm Depot’s educational program and support service

Over the years of supporting farmers in Zambia, Farm Depot has noticed two trends that have been on the increase year on year..

– The costs and risk of producing crops and livestock products are increasing in line with rising global prices.
– The interest and hunger for knowledge and advice when it comes to farming in Zambia is always growing.

So Farm Depot is introducing a series of educational programs and support services called “A friend to the farmer” and we are launching this series in Kitwe with our first program, the Broiler Assist Program.

What is the Broiler Assist Program?

Remember when you attended school, college or university? The role of the teacher or lecturer was to give you advice, guidance and pass on their intellectual knowledge to you in a way that allowed you to practically apply it. Well that’s exactly what the Broiler Assist Program offers for our customers. 

Here’s how it works…

Think back to what your teacher and lecturer was trying to achieve. Their first job was to make sure you passed your course or year and then they tried to assist you to get top marks. In the same way, the Broiler Assist Program aims to firstly prevent you from having a total production failure through slow growth rates and high mortalities in your chickens. Once you have secured that, the Broiler Assist Program then assists you to get “top marks” in the form of quicker growth rates at lower production costs to get “top profit.” 

Is there a charge for this?

In the same way as there was a charge for a good university degree or technical qualification, so there is a charge of K516 per month to enrol into the Broiler Assist Program. What this gives you is access to 4 visits per month from a highly trained and available farm facilitator with the advice and knowledge to make sure your birds ‘pass the test’ and bring you a great return on your investment.

What’s the difference between the program’s facilitator, an extension officer and the Farm Depot storekeeper?

That’s a good question – let’s explain it using our university example. 

Your extension officer used to show up infrequently for free but their job was to see that the product they were supported by was being used properly – the program facilitators have no loyalty or affiliation to any particular brand. Their job is to see you succeed with the right product for you! It’s the difference between a lecturer or teacher versus a sales or brand representative.

The Farm Depot storekeeper’s are trained to give you the best knowledge and farming advice possible but they are not facilitators with active knowledge of conditions on your farm or property. Comparing the storekeeper to the facilitator is a bit like comparing the school or university secretary to teach the lectures! 

Will the facilitator be able to solve all my problems and supply my products?

No. Did your lecturer know the answers to every question or sell you the text book? Probably not. BUT what they do is train you to avoid problems, make informed decisions about which products to buy specific to your farming operation and guide you to make higher profits.

Any other reason to enrol into the BroilerAssist Program?

On top of lower mortalities, lower production costs and a shorter time period to get to market, enrolling into the Broiler Assist Program has another major benefit. It pre-qualifies you for finance through Farm Depot. Have you ever wondered why the banks ask you for your educational history when applying for a loan? They want to know you have acquired the skills to do the work that will see you pay off the loan. In the same way, being part of the Broiler Assist Program will help the finance houses know you have access to the knowledge and skills needed to make the profit to pay off your loan. It’s actually a smart decision on your part that makes you more investable