We support our farmers in their efforts to feed the nation

Many farmers struggle alone without
access to the best advice.

Most Zambian farmers are desperate to learn more and become better farmers. Unfortunately, finding the support, the knowledge and the products to do this is difficult. On top of that, farmers are in a constant battle with the weather and the markets as well. Sadly, many farmers work their whole lives and hardly ever make a profit and grow their farm.

But Farm Depot can help you change that!  

Have you experienced any of the below situations?

1. You wasted money buying the wrong seed or feed for your farm.

2. You feel unsure about how to improve your farming.

3. After all the work, you still never made any money.

If you know what any of the above feels like, don’t worry – we can help!

"Best farm input provider! Farm Depot is my one-stop shop!" 

Stephen Simushi

What can you expect when you buy from Farm Depot?

 Farm Depot understands that Zambian farmers deserve all the help they can get because they are feeding the nation.

 That’s why when you work with Farm Depot, you will become familiar with the following standards:

farm depot zambia

We know our products

Our expert teams in our stores will never recommend the wrong product for your farm.

Farm Depot Zambia

We give you the advice

We make sure that our farmers have access to as much knowledge and tips for their farm as possible.

Farm Depot Zambia - Staff

We are in a town near you

We have 23 stores located across Zambia in key farming areas for our farmer’s convenience.


Cattle, Poultry, Pigs, Game, Fish and veterinary products.


Seed, chemicals, fertilizer and implements.


Food, accessories and veterinary products.

You can be an inspiration to your community and leave a legacy in the farming industry.

So don’t let a lack of knowledge and support hold you back any longer!

3 steps to shopping at Farm Depot

1. Find a Store Near You

We have 19 stores in Zambia that supply quality agricultural products.

2. Browse the Products

We pride ourselves in good customer service and will be happy to help you find what you need.

3. Pay with mobile money

We offer quick, cashless and clean shopping through Mobile Money.

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