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We (AVIAN VENTURES LTD T/A FARM DEPOT)  make these terms and conditions relating only to the use of this site in a manner consistent with the explicit and implicit objectives as stated in this document. The terms do not constitute the entirety of all agreements that we have or will enter into with the user but will constitute the entirety of the agreement with the user for purposes of the use of this site and any incidences which will naturally flow out of that use. By accessing this site, the user agrees to these terms and conditions and if they do not; they are required to stop such use immediately.

By accessing this site, the user consents to the collection, processing and use of any data which may, as a matter of course be produced by them, including data that is, solicited or otherwise, which may be employed to some end. Provided that no information whatsoever, will be collected by us for any use other than that allowed by the law being t the time in force in the Republic of Zambia and provided also that, notwithstanding the collection of Personal Identifiable Data, no such data will be used for any purpose whatsoever except with the written consent of the data. The user consents to this privacy policy and may access it on this site.

All information collected, collated, processed or otherwise used by us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality serve as provided for in this agreement.

We do not give a warranty as to the security of any data that may be shared with us, however such data is generated. The user accepts that any system may be prone to infiltration and unauthorised access for malicious purposes. We do give a warranty that at all times in the handling of data in our systems; we will take reasonable care to safeguard the same against loss or abuse. The protection of data is contained in the data protection agreement is accessible on this site.

These terms together with the data processing agreement, the privacy policy and any other policies which may be added to this agreement contain the entire agreement and as such supersede any other agreements, correspondence and communication, oral or written made between us and the customer.

This site can be used only as provided for in these terms and conditions. Any purpose for which the user may access this site, if the same is not in agreement with these terms and conditions exempts us from any liability which may flow from that unauthorised use.

In creating and operating this site, we do not claim to be responsible, directly or indirectly, for the production of all goods and services advertised and presented for sale here. Where such a claim is made, it will be stated in respect of a specific product or service. Products and services sold by us, but which are not manufactured or created by us will be sold subject to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer or creator who may or may not be liable depending on the application of those terms and conditions in respect to a specific claim against it.

Where a product or service is sold as manufactured or created by us, we will not be liable to the extent that the product or service was used or implemented in a manner inconsistent with the terms of its use as provided. Further, these terms and conditions do not represent the entirety of the terms and conditions for the provision of specific products or services sold by us. These products or services may have their own specific terms and conditions which will supersede and take precedence over these general terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice given to the user. For purposes of compliance with these terms and conditions therefore, the user has the duty and obligation to access the latest version of these terms and conditions. 

Notwithstanding that we will take all reasonable measures to keep this site up and running so that the user can have access to the latest terms and conditions; the user will be deemed to have had access to them at all material times and will therefore be liable for any breach with respect to them.

Where a dispute arises with regards to the interpretation, application or enforcement of these terms and conditions, the parties shall have recourse to the Arbitration procedure under the Arbitration laws and regulations at the time in force in Zambia. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with Zambian law, except insofar as the same laws recognize the applicability or enforcement of some other Rules or Regulations outside its jurisdiction. The Zambian courts will have sole jurisdictions to hear disputes and controversies under this agreement.