We would like to honour another member of the Farm Depot team: Feminent Syamangende, our Stores / Warehouse Manager.

“Since joining Farm Depot I have seen a great change in my life. I joined Farm depot in 2010 as a Cook/Cleaner. I was living with my husband and children in a rented house. I did not even know how to use a computer. Management recognized my hard work and promoted me to the position of assistant Store/warehouse manager. They then started teaching me how to use a computer from scratch and later sent me on a computer course fully paid for by the organisation.

I found a residential plot in my area but i did not have cash to pay for it. I spoke to management about it and they gave me the cash and started deducted bit by bit.

Farm Depot recognizes potential in its staff and they appreciate one’s input in moving the organisation towards achieving its goals. They also help employees to develop as they pay for employee courses, i am a very good example as they paid for my computer course.

Not only has Farm Depot developed my inventory management skills but i am also a proud owner of a house which i built through the assistance of Farm Depot. I am now a Landlord.

I now know how to manage stock and dispatch stock. I also understand what an inventory audit is. I have also developed supervisory skill as i have 7 people i supervise. I now have experience in balancing stock in the system compared to what is on the floor in both the warehouse and the store-room. I also have a very good understanding and knowledge of poultry veterinary products which i have acquired during my tenure here at Farm Depot.

Management and the Farm Depot family have really helped me to be where i am today through in-house training and paying for my course. Employees are very good and helpful, we are a team which is more like a family. They have empowered with knowledge especially with the products that we provide to our customers. We all encourage one another and work as a team.”

Well done, Feminent!! 👏

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