Procurement Supervisor

“I joined Farm Depot in June 2020 as a Procurement Officer. When I joined Farm Depot I had no idea about the Procurement process or supply Chain. I had in-house training. During this period of in-house training, I worked closely with my Director and the Commercial Manager who are very good and patient teachers. They taught me the process and procedures involved in in the supply chain. I am currently enrolled in few development programs within Procurement field. I have now been promoted to the position of Procurement Supervisor.

Since joining Farm Depot  I have engaged in a few community based Girl Child sponsorship (ending period poverty) and also currently encouraging and supporting my family members that are taking up farming.

My favourite thing about working for Farm Depot is that it challenges me as an individual to diversify my skills and be a critical thinker, It challenges me to be innovative and think outside the box. My negotiation skills have greatly improved.

Farm Depot is an organisation that lives its mission statement on a daily basis, it strives for continued progress not just as a company but also in the lives of its customers and employees which makes me proud to be part of the Farm Depot family. Farm Depot culture is the invisible hand that helps farmers feed the nation. Farm Depot takes pride in the success of its employees.

I have realised that the Farm Depot Management team provides and creates a work environment that recognises talent and gives room for growth. The Farm Depot working environment amplifies the core values of its customers and employees on day to day basis. I believe that the sky is the limit for me in Farm Depot.”

The sky is 𝑖𝑛𝑑𝑒𝑒𝑑 the limit, well done Mwaka!

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