Farm Depot Technical Adviser

“I, Kelvin Swana joined Farm Depot in 2012 as a shop assistant/loader. I assisted the shop keeper with selling and also loaded products for the customers at our Wusakile outlet in Kitwe.

2 years later, Farm Depot Management noticed my zeal, passion and commitment to work and promoted me to a Shopkeeper position for the Chingola outlet. I remained in this position for two years during which i saw my life transform completely. I was able to take my young brother to school and look after my mother. I have also acquired a residential plot.

Farm Depot noticed that I had a passion in learning more about livestock especially the broiler chickens and I was very keen to learn from the experts. After two years I was promoted to Shopkeeper supervisor. It was during this time that Management noticed that I used to give advise to customers on how to keep their chickens from day one to slaughter. Farm Depot Management then decided to send me for training on broiler management and layer production in Lusaka.

After this training, I was then promoted to the Technical Adviser position. In my current position as Technical adviser, l travel to our different outlets to give technical advise to our customers,I also visit customers with different broiler problems in their different areas. I ensure that they receive the best advise to make their production successful and profitable. Apart from that l also started to help my mother to complete building her house as she had already started building the house but ran out of funds to complete it. She is now living in a beautiful completed house thanks to Farm Depot.

Its during this time that l met my beautiful wife and my fellow employees supported us tremendously during our wedding, it was overwhelming.

After 3 years l briefly held the position of Retail Sales Supervisor the position then went back to the position of Technical Adviser, the position i currently hold. I also hold seminars where i am one of the main speakers on educating our poultry farmers on broiler management and layer production in our different locations.

I would like to thank Farm Depot Family for their support and encouragement and only the sky is the limit.”

We love having you part of the Farm Depot team, Kelvin. Well done on everything you have achieved! 👏

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