Location: Ndeke (Kitwe)

Number of birds: 200

  1. Question: What were the greatest challenges and difficulties facing you when you started farming? Answer: Mortality, this was mainly caused by excessive heat in my poultry. We used wrong heating methods at the time.

  1. Question: How did you overcome these? Answer: I contacted Farm Depot to be assisted and got the best service for the growth of my birds.

  1. Question: When did you realize you were farming successfully? Answer: When there was a reduction in mortalities and my chickens grew during the recommended period readiness for the market.

  1. Question: How has Farm Depot helped you along this journey? Answer: I started poultry farming with no knowledge of the business, farm deport through its technical support staff guided on the method and best practices to be used in this business and ever since I have been successful.

  1. Question: If you could give an aspiring young farmer just one piece of advice, what would it be? Answer: Investing in good quality feed and protecting their birds from any diseases.
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