Name: Mr. Moses, from Micro Win Farms.

Location: Wangocha Farming Block, Kitwe

Number of birds: 1500

  1. Question: What were the greatest challenges and difficulties facing you when you started farming? Answer: We experimented much at first especially on feeding as we never know when, how and what to feed, so we ware feeding them the right feed at a wrong time hence the broiler growth was disturbed.

  1. Question: How did you overcome these? Answer: With the help of the farm depot, we were told how to correctly feeding the broilers and only then that we thought of employing an expert who has done animal science. With the measures we have made, we can now safely say we are on a right track.

  1. Question: When did you realize you were farming successfully? Answer: When we started making more profits than ever, is the time we realized that we are farming successful.

  1. Question: How has Farm Depot helped you along this journey? Answer: With the regular visits from the farm depot, educating us on how to feed, when to vaccinate, when to change feed and also the ventilation system to the poultry.

  1. Question: If you could give an aspiring young farmer just one piece of advice, what would it be? Answer: Only when you take farming as a business.
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