Location: Ndeke (Kitwe)

Number of birds: 200

  1. Question: What were the greatest challenges and difficulties facing you when you started farming? Answer: The greatest challenge was brooding during the first 2 weeks because the chicks need extra care

  1. Question: How did you overcome these? Answer: I contacted farm depot so that I can de guided on how to take care of the chicks during this period. I was advised on feeding., lighting and vaccination.

  1. Question: When did you realize you were farming successfully? Answer: I realized that I am managing well when my birds were growing well without any problem and I increased the number of chickens I was keeping.

  1. Question: How has Farm Depot helped you along this journey? Answer: Farm depot has helped me to understand that keeping chickens is business that requires commitment, discipline and is profitable. They visit their customers and give professional advice on how to keep chickens.

  1. Question: If you could give an aspiring young farmer just one piece of advice, what would it be? Answer: Farming is business if it’s keeping chickens get the technical advice from reliable sources like farm depot.
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